Monday, July 10, 2017

Boys on a log

 Thursday, July 6:  the Ogdens, Fryes, and Agles met at South Fork Park

 Doogles likes to hug his little sister.

Penny with her Aunt Sara

"I bring you a gift!"

And then things got dirty.  Who needs a water slide when you have a dirt slide?

"You're not dirty enough.  Go back and try it again."
"How about now, Grandpa?"

 Our traditional "boys on a log" photo.
"Say cheese!  Show us your teeth!"


Preparing to leave the park.
Penny's Aunt Taylor came from Kansas to pay her a visit.

Who needs a hot tub when you have a kiddie pool and daytime temperatures around 100 degrees.
I received this photo today accompanied by the following message:
"Hi Dad!  I hope you enjoy your flight!  Stretch good before you get on your plane!"
I am blessed with an amazing wife and two beautiful children.

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