Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cutest Pumpkin In The World

I love Penny's "talking" when she's getting tired.
 Doogles and his friend, Wesley, went to a pumpkin patch this week during one of their pre-school classes.

 They fell asleep together while Sam read books to them one night.

 There's my gorgeous wife!
And there's the cutest pumpkin in the world.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


 On Wednesday I took a short flight to Hartford, CT to visit the new temple there.
 The day was totally overcast when we landed, but once again the Lord opened the heavens when I wanted to get some nice photos of the temple.
My relative, Miriam, was kind enough to send me some names of her deceased relatives in order for me to perform ordinance work on their behalf.  Thank you, Miriam!

"Too much sun!"
I had quite a few choices at the rental car aisle, so of course I chose the most powerful thing on the lot.  And boy did I have fun!  V8 Dodge Charger.
I'm still a teenage boy at heart.  I love the good old vroom vroom of an American muscle car.
 Following my uplifting visit to the temple and a yummy Wendy's hamburger, I proceeded to Mark Twain's Hartford home for a tour.  I'm not a huge fan of museums, but I really enjoyed this tour.
 LEGO Mark Twain
 I love these quotes.
 This sounds like something I would write to my own Mother.  I share Clemens's wanderlust.
 Love the name of his suit.

Mark Twain Home

A few more of my favorite Mark Twain quotes:

"A full belly is little worth where the mind is starved."
"Always obey your parents when they are present."
Architects cannot teach nature anything."

On Friday night Sam, Stacie (Sam's twin sister), and baby Penny flew out to spend the weekend with me.  It was Penny's first flight and from what I'm told, she did great.  So great that she had a hard time falling asleep that night because she didn't sleep much on the plane and was over-exhausted by the time night rolled around.
Oh, that I could do this on my flights.  What a life!
Yesterday (Saturday) we picked up Dustin and drove three hours north to visit the Philadelphia Temple.  The day was perfect for this cancerous redhead.  Totally overcast, 70 degrees, and somewhat humid.  Thank you, Lord!
Stacie played with Penny while Sam, Dustin and I participated in baptisms for the dead.
 I'm having fun with Penny.  She's so cute.
There he is!
 "Um, Dad.......the beard.  It's touching me."
My beautiful ladies.

After our lovely time at the temple we stopped by Independence Hall before returning south.

Twas a great day, indeed.
Meanwhile, back in Utah, Doogles is hanging out with Grandma Coombs.  The USU Aggies had a football game yesterday, so Doogles took a picture of Grandma wearing the Aggie horns.

Here's the text we received from Grandma:

So Douglas is no Aggie!!! Sorry Sam.  There was no way he would put on his horns or say "go Aggies".  Also beads were given out in navy blue and silver.  A lady asked Douglas if he wanted to wear some and he said, "No.  I am a boy.  Only girls wear necklaces and boys wear ties. But can I give them to my mom?". So, Sam, he has the necklaces tucked away safe for you!! He loved the pumpkin patch.  He told me more than once that he wanted to take ALL of the pumpkins home.  Also just know the very green pumpkin has the Ogden name on it.  Douglas loved it because it "looks most like a rainbow with the most colors".

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Douglas goes to school

Just in the past week Penny discovered her voice, and now she loves to use it.
Sam is great with ideas for keeping Douglas's mind and hands busy.
"I'm not going to smile for you."  Douglas started pre-school last Thursday.
"Okay, fine, I'll smile."
We got to spend a bit more time with family last Friday.  Here Douglas is eating chips with his cousins, and his Aunt Lizzie is carrying Penny in the background.
Last Saturday morning we attended our ward's (church group's) patriotic breakfast where members of our ward who serve/served in the armed forces and police departments were recognized.  A classic police car was brought in to lead the parade of children on bicycles.
Another of Sam's creative ideas.  Cotton balls soaked in a flour mixture and baked, then destroyed by Doogles.

Penny fell asleep on my lap at church.

"Dad, you're taking pictures in Sacrament Meeting."
I asked Sam if I could take a picture of her on Sunday.  She is always beautiful.  Especially so in this dress.
Some people walk down the stairs.  Not Douglas.

Playing at the "tunnel park."

Sam snapped this photo just as Doogles dropped his car on my head.
My little (little?) princess

"I will use my voice!"

Grandma made a star sandwich for Mr. Awesome.
Last night.  Everything appears normal. . .
. . . until we zoom in.  Doogles fell asleep holding his hammer.  Hard worker. :)
"I'm watching you."
This is one of my favorite activities with Penny.  She loves walking around.