Friday, December 15, 2017

Early Christmas

I forgot to upload these first two photos from our Arizona trip.  Penny had her first swimming experience at the hotel.  She was pretty serious most of the time.
Pretty Ladies
Penny loves her older brother.  He often greets her with "Hey, baby girl!" at her crib when she wakes up in the morning or after a nap.
Mom helped Doogles build a gingerbread house.  Or to be perfectly honest, Mom built the house while Doogles ate the little candies.
One night we ate at an Asian restaurant.  This was inside Douglas's fortune cookie.  Personally, I think it is excellent advice for the boy. :)
New National Geographic Covers

Our semi-blurry family Christmas photo.  I didn't know that the front camera on an iPhone is not as good as the rear camera.  Or perhaps the lighting wasn't great.

Is it obvious that Doogles was sick of taking pictures at this point?

Doogles took this picture.  Future photographer.

We took Penny to visit her Great-Granny, who is almost 103 years older than Penny.  Neither of them knew what was happening that day, but it was a fun visit nonetheless.

Sam and I are laughing because we told Granny to smile and she said, "Ooooh...."
Then she said, "Eeeeeee."  Granny still makes us laugh even at 103 years old.

Douglas reading with his Granny Ogden
Apart from sucking on things, this is likely Penny's favorite activity.  Walking.
This is how she helped me clean the downstairs area the other day.
Christmas came early at our home because I thought I would not be in town for the 25th.  This is how Penny opened her present.
Then she helped Douglas open his presents. . .
. . . by sucking on them.

Perhaps they will be our musicians someday.
Fascinated by the mist coming out of the humidifier.

She is a funny eater.  Definitely not quiet.
She fell asleep in my arms.......sucking on something, of course.
 My cute little BYU fan.

Friday, December 1, 2017


"What?!  We're in Arizona?  You mean I don't have to sit in my carseat anymore?!"
On Monday we visited the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights.

With Seth (Sam's brother), McCall (Seth's wife), Krew, and Jarren.
On Tuesday morning we played at the Urban Jungle.
Krew and Douglas - Cousins
Dad flew in Tuesday night and he and I drove two hours south with Richard (Sam's uncle) and Seth to visit the recently-dedicated Tucson Temple.  We had fun gospel discussions the entire drive and thoroughly enjoyed the ordinances in which we participated at the temple.

With Dad

Post-temple lunch of authentic Mexican food.
Meanwhile, back in Phoenix, Sam and McCall took the kids to visit the Children's Museum.

Penny and Jarren
On Wednesday evening Dad gave an interesting and uplifting presentation on James E. Talmage to a group of friends at the home of Richard and Kelly.
Yesterday morning we took the kids to a nearby park.
"Phew!  Dad, I'm exhausted."
Last night we visited the Lights of the World display in Phoenix.

That entire dragon is made out of porcelain plates and cups.
With his white butter sandwich

I liked the gong.
Sam was born in the year of the dragon.
Sam and Daniel inside the kissing booth.
Sam and Krew
Seth and McCall
Penny loves sticking her tongue out these days.
Dad, Daniel, Penny, Douglas, Kelly, and Richard.  Thank you, Richard, Kelly, Seth, and McCall for helping us make memories this week.  You are amazing hosts!