Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Penny at one month

 One month old and already balding!  Like father, like daughter.

 Doogles with his cousin, Krew, at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT.
Sam is creative.  She made Doogles a car track in the living room.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Boys on a log

 Thursday, July 6:  the Ogdens, Fryes, and Agles met at South Fork Park

 Doogles likes to hug his little sister.

Penny with her Aunt Sara

"I bring you a gift!"

And then things got dirty.  Who needs a water slide when you have a dirt slide?

"You're not dirty enough.  Go back and try it again."
"How about now, Grandpa?"

 Our traditional "boys on a log" photo.
"Say cheese!  Show us your teeth!"


Preparing to leave the park.
Penny's Aunt Taylor came from Kansas to pay her a visit.

Who needs a hot tub when you have a kiddie pool and daytime temperatures around 100 degrees.
I received this photo today accompanied by the following message:
"Hi Dad!  I hope you enjoy your flight!  Stretch good before you get on your plane!"
I am blessed with an amazing wife and two beautiful children.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


After a bath
I took three of my nephews (Caleb, Ari, and Jude) on a hike to the Y last Friday.
Watching the nuclear explosion across the valley.

Caleb - Jude - Ari
Jude - on our way back down the mountain.

Doogles fell asleep sitting up while the boys watched Octonauts at their Granny's house.

I, too, fell asleep.
July 1st - at the Freedom Festival hot-air balloon event.
I thought I'd include a few patriotic videos in this blog post.

For our friends and family members currently serving overseas.
Doogles and Maxwell were on my team for a game of Rook.
I think they lost interest.
Getting ready for church on Sunday.

July 4th - Dan and Carrie, along with most of Sam's family, came to our home for some Independence Day fun.  Here Dan is getting his feet zoned by Stacie.
 Penny - Sam - Daniel - Dan - Carrie

Dan - funny man
Playing in the back yard with Grandma

 "Um....there's a Barbie head next to me."
Good form, Spencer!  Bocce Ball

Discussing tactics
 What better way to pass Independence Day

Random funny:

The other day Sam was asking Douglas for the names of the Paw Patrol members.  Grandma let him borrow "Go Pup," which is the Paw Patrol version of "Go Fish."  One of the cards has a cow on it.  Sam remarked, "I don't know the name of the cow.  What's the cow's name?"  Douglas replied, "Holy."  I suppose he has heard the phrase "Holy Cow" one too many times.