Friday, March 16, 2018

California (Final Post)

Wednesday:  Another gorgeous, post-rain, California morning looking out from the porch.

We did another batch of crepes Wednesday morning.  This time the boys helped prepare the batter.

Playing with toys
I had the boys line up to race down the driveway.
Watch where Jesper starts the second race.  He learned from the first race that starting with the rest of the boys would result in a loss, so he decided to chose a different start point. :)
Karsten took Penny for a ride on the wiggle bike.

Anders and Sam beginning a new trend.  Notice Penny's expression.
Penny sees Dad coming toward her.
"Hi Dad!"

WARNING:  This video contains..........a lot of footage.  Eight minutes of footage, to be precise.  I asked the boys if they wanted to shave my head in preparation for my Friday treatment at the dermatology office, which is where I am creating this particular blog post at this moment.  If you want the speedy version (without all the funny comments from the boys), then watch the next video.  Note:  The boys asked if they could shave my "berbers," which is the term they use to refer to the breasts, as well as my eyebrows.  I declined the offer.

Post haircut
Driving home through central Utah.  We miss you, California.  And we love you, Lizzie, Dan, Soren, Anders, Karsten, Oskar, Jesper, and Magnus!  Thank you for the fabulous week.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

California (Part 5) - The Beach

Oceanside Pier - Penny's first experience at the beach.........and boy did she love it!
Soren might be a teensy bit too big for the baby swing.
Doogles enjoyed the playground at the beach, as well as the sand, but he did NOT want to touch the water.

 It was so cute to see her excitement with the water.

 A scene from the Bible?
I have a wonderful wife.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

California (Part 4)

Monday morning we awoke to a beautiful, thick fog.

Live Oak Park
Oskar meditating

Magnus, Penny, and Douglas with Sam
Magnus and Penny on the swings

A meeting of the minds underneath the playground.

"Pick me up, Dad."
"I have rocks.  Therefore, I am happy."

"Hi, Mom!"
One-eyed Karsten.  That front tooth has since been removed.
Watch the last few seconds of the video.  It's only funny because Oskar wasn't seriously hurt.
Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, drama.
"Are you okay, Penny?"
"Uncle Daniel, you have a phone call."
Uncle Daniel/Dad reading a book about patience.  Uncle Daniel needs to read this book (to himself) daily.