Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I don't know what to title this post

 We took advantage of the only "warm" day last week to spend some time running around the park....and run we did!  Doogles was not interested in the slides, the swings, or anything else on the playground.  He simply wanted to run.
 I took Doogles to meet up with Sara and the boys (and Denali) at Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Natural Curiosity.  What a cool place.

Dan was in town to undergo minor heart surgery.  This is how he showed up for dinner.  Classic Dan.

After the successful surgery.
 Doogles is normally very helpful when we clean, but sometimes he likes to relax on the rug while the bathroom is being cleaned.  He only relaxes for a few seconds.
The other day he fell asleep while reading books with his babysitter.
We spray-painted one side of some lima beans.  Sam is going to use them to teach math to Doogles, but the little man also likes to throw them around and pick them up with his toy trucks.

 Last Saturday evening we attended an Elders Quorum chili dinner.  When we walked in we noticed many of the families had muffin tins with them.  I returned quickly to our home to retrieve a couple of tins from our kitchen.  Great idea for tasting multiple recipes.
And now I'm back in the land of my favorite chocolate cookies. :)  Temptation.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

What do you do in the wintertime?

We celebrated Grandma's birthday at the end of 2016.  Doogles helped blow out the candles.
Happy half-century, Grandma!  Only 50 more to go until the big 1-0-0. :)
We took the little man to the Clark Planetarium.  One of the things we enjoyed was reporting the news from various planets.

The news reports often turned into dancing in front of the camera.

This week I took Doogles sledding in the fresh snow of a nearby park.  It was his first time ever going sledding.  He loved it, and I thought I was being careful to keep his hands and feet warm, but when we returned he had to soak his feet for a bit to return them to a normal temperature.  He did not enjoy that tingling feeling as his feet warmed up.
Yesterday we joined Sara, Jarem, and the boys at a big bowl in Provo.
Maxwell didn't want to wear gloves.  He's a manly man.

Jude was really good at riding down the hill on his feet.

Trying to keep Douglas's hands and feet warm.  It didn't work.  His hands were fine, but once again his feet were bright red when we returned to the house.  Tis hard to keep a toddler warm in the snow.

Our photographer trying to stay warm.

 We all got a good laugh when Denali tried to climb the refrigerator.
 Summer Olympics 2028 - Gymnastics - Here she comes!
 Doing a bit of synchronized stretching

I'm trying to teach Douglas that he has to fight back when we wrestle, not just tell me what the next move is supposed to be.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas surprises

I have a nephew named Ari.  A few days ago I was downstairs playing cars with Doogles.  At one point I picked up a red car and said, "Hmm, this car looks like a Ferrari."  Doogles immediately looked at me with a sad/offended face and said, "No, not for Ari.  For me."  Ha!  Here in Utah we pronounce "for" more like "fer," so the word "Ferrari" does sound like "For Ari."

I came home early from a business trip to surprise Sam on her birthday.  She thought I was coming home in early January.

Birthday girls

The next day Sam had another surprise waiting for her when we drove back to our home.
We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at my parents' home.  Approximately 10 inches of snow fell during those two days, which was perfect for Christmas.
Dad got up early to clear the snow off the driveway before we attended a beautiful Christmas church program at their chapel.
Doogles was excited to open some presents after church.  In these photos he is pulling items out of his stocking.  He would pull something out and proclaim (for example), "Dad, I got M&Ms!"  Then he would turn to Grandpa and say the same thing.  "Grandpa, I got M&Ms!"
"Dad, I got a candy cane!"
"Mints!"  Douglas loves mints.
Dad's turn to open his stocking.  I love this photo.

Sam stuffed my stocking with some healthier, and funnier items.
On to the presents.
Random insert:  I liked Mom's decorated toilet paper rolls, so I took a picture.

Now on to the presents.  Doogles said some funny things as he moved from present to present.
Happy to be with family on Christmas day.

Sara and Jarem came over for Christmas dinner with their kids.
Uncle Don and Aunt Judy came as well, along with Kathy and Laura Burns.  We enjoyed delicious food, fun conversation, and a rousing game of Rook later that evening.

When the adults want peace during dinner. :)
The sun came out after the clouds dumped the snow.
Doogles had a ton of energy that day, and boy was he funny.
 Yesterday (the day after Christmas) we drove back to our home where we hosted the Coombs extended family for more delicious food and good times.  Doogles continued his usual antics.

 "I'm not going to look at the camera."
 "Okay, fine."
 Sam chatting with Lisa.  Kevin and DeeDee in line for food.
 Spencer, Jori, Nate, and Taylor.
 Douglas never strayed too far from Grandma.
 Men and their guns.
 We gathered downstairs for a hilarious round of white elephant gift-opening.
 Sam explaining the rules.
What a fun family!
Nate, I love my new beanie.  The shirt is cool, too.  Thanks for the Christmas present!
 Today I took Doogles to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.  I think I enjoyed the museum as much as Douglas did.  They've got some cool stuff in there.

 "It seems to be in tune."

 "Here we go!"
Master pianist