Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I don't know what to title this post

 We took advantage of the only "warm" day last week to spend some time running around the park....and run we did!  Doogles was not interested in the slides, the swings, or anything else on the playground.  He simply wanted to run.
 I took Doogles to meet up with Sara and the boys (and Denali) at Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Natural Curiosity.  What a cool place.

Dan was in town to undergo minor heart surgery.  This is how he showed up for dinner.  Classic Dan.

After the successful surgery.
 Doogles is normally very helpful when we clean, but sometimes he likes to relax on the rug while the bathroom is being cleaned.  He only relaxes for a few seconds.
The other day he fell asleep while reading books with his babysitter.
We spray-painted one side of some lima beans.  Sam is going to use them to teach math to Doogles, but the little man also likes to throw them around and pick them up with his toy trucks.

 Last Saturday evening we attended an Elders Quorum chili dinner.  When we walked in we noticed many of the families had muffin tins with them.  I returned quickly to our home to retrieve a couple of tins from our kitchen.  Great idea for tasting multiple recipes.
And now I'm back in the land of my favorite chocolate cookies. :)  Temptation.

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